All About Lips Part 2 for St. Louis Lip Injections

In our last video, we talked about the youthful lip and how it changes as the aging process occurs. The good news is, there is a solution!

Lip fillers are really a good solution to the aging lip. When appropriate, we can also use a couple units of Botox. However, for the most part, lip filler is our go to for the aging lip. 

One of the big fears for those trying lip filler for the first time is the fear of looking unnatural. If they’re not done correctly, they can look unnatural. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your lips still looks like yours!

As a provider, the first thing I do is take a look at your whole face. I consider the proportions for every unique face which determines the volume limits. A beautiful lip doesn’t always have to be big and outrageous! It just has to fit your face well. We think of lip fillers as though they are bringing definition and structure back to the lip.

We also deal with any fine lines or wrinkles! During your initial consultation, we’ll determine if a couple of units of Botox will take care of it or if a lip filler will give you youthful lips without wrinkles. Lip fillers range from real thin products to thicker products. We can really customize everything for you when we’re doing our lip fillers and just really restore what you had 10 years ago. 

Our goal is to not make you look different with fillers, but just to give you that really natural youthful lip. 

Once we add the filler, you will swell for a few days and possibly have some bruising, there is some downtime with it so you cannot judge what it looks like right away.

It takes about a week or two to see the results and then the results are going to last for up to a year. It’s a really nice solution that gives you the longevity of a youthful lip. 

Let’s say that after your filler you have a rare complication or change your mind, you can reverse it. The procedure is very safe!

Sometimes when things are changing, it can make us feel less like ourselves. When you look in the mirror, we want you to feel like you’re looking at yourself!

Stay tuned for the next video! We’re going to talk about maintenance of lip filler. You’re going to enjoy lip filler and it’s going to improve your confidence! 

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