All About Lips Part 3 for St. Louis Lip Injections

In our latest video series, we’re talking all about the lips!

No longer do women have to settle for aging lip. With the carefully placed fillers, you’ll renew a beautiful, youthful lip. 
Once you have your youthful lip back, how do you maintain?

We recommend an annual filler appointment for lip injections. Like we discussed in our last video, the body does break down the filler naturally over time. 

The process is the same every year! You’ll come to Divine for your appointment and  together we’ll discuss which filler is right for you. We can actually build on filler to get the volume you really want.

You can enjoy your lips! You don’t have to keep living with the aging lip that keeps getting smaller and smaller. We add filler to our lips all the time! All my staff have lip fillers, I have lip fillers, we enjoy them

It makes life better when you have fullness back to your lips and you feel like yourself—your youthful self—again! You don’t have to be afraid of lip fillers. 

Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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