All About Lips Part 1 for St. Louis Lip Injections

As St. Louis lip injection specialists we often get asked about how to get youthful lips that match your facial features!

Some of the characteristics of youthful lips are:

  • Great Fullness

  • Clean, crisp borders

  • Nice proportion

Youthful lips vary and beautiful lips come in all different shapes and sizes. Everyone’s lips are unique!

But in general, a youthful lip is just pretty. We see it in our children and our teenagers and we envy those lips!

Unfortunately, during the aging process, we start to lose volume in our lips. And as we lose the volume to the lip our bone structure changes as well affecting the lip and muscles. As all those changes occur, we’re losing our volume to the lips, the definition goes away, and we just feel like everything looks different.

It can really start to play on our emotions and our confidence! There is a solution to aging lips—that’s lip injections!

If you’ve started to struggle with the appearance of your lips, lip filler injections will help you regain a youthful lip with great fullness, clean, crisp boards, and nice proportions to your facial features!

Call or text (314) 504-1787 or simply contact us here to schedule lip fillers today!

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