All About Lips Part 3 for St. Louis Lip Injections

In our latest video series, we’re talking all about the lips! No longer do women have to settle for aging lip. With the carefully placed fillers, you’ll renew a beautiful, youthful lip. Once you have your youthful lip back, how do you maintain? We recommend an annual filler appointment for lip injections. Like we discussed in […]

All About Lips Part 2 for St. Louis Lip Injections

In our last video, we talked about the youthful lip and how it changes as the aging process occurs. The good news is, there is a solution! Lip fillers are really a good solution to the aging lip. When appropriate, we can also use a couple units of Botox. However, for the most part, lip […]

All About Lips Part 1 for St. Louis Lip Injections

As St. Louis lip injection specialists we often get asked about how to get youthful lips that match your facial features! Some of the characteristics of youthful lips are: Great Fullness Clean, crisp borders Nice proportion Youthful lips vary and beautiful lips come in all different shapes and sizes. Everyone’s lips are unique! But in […]