Cosmetic Myths Part 1

There are many myths about cosmetic procedures. In our newest series, I’ll share the most common myths I often address about cosmetic procedures. 

We’re talking about non-surgical procedures meaning injectables and skincare. Let’s tackle the myths about Botox first! 

MYTH #1: “Botox is toxic to the body, and we don’t know much about its effects.” 

Truth: Botox is a neurotoxin. It derives from a naturally reoccurring organism in the environment that is mainly non-active. Botox pulls the purified proteins out of the naturally occurring bacteria in the environment in a precise manufacturing process. 

Experts have studied Botox since the 1980s—we know the details of this medication! People have been getting Botox for a long time for cosmetic and therapeutic uses. The amount we use for cosmetic procedures is minimal. Botox is not toxic to the body. It’s proven to be very safe. 

MYTH #2: “Botox will make me look unnatural.”

Truth: If you get your Botox injectables from someone without proper training, they can overdose the Botox. That will give you a frozen look you’re avoiding! That’s not what we want for you at Divine. We want to provide you with enough Botox to have a natural expression. You should be able to animate and look endearing when you smile. We plan to relax the muscle enough to eliminate lines on the skin. 

Thanks to the research, we can be specific with the effective dose units appropriate for your face. When I get a new Botox treatment, I look refreshed—like I had an excellent night’s sleep. 

Of course, I also look younger because the lines diminish. It’s a wonderful thing!

MYTH #3: “Botox will get rid of my wrinkles.” 

Truth: While the goal is to diminish wrinkles, there are two types of wrinkles. One is a static wrinkle, and one is called a dynamic wrinkle. 

Dynamic wrinkles are what we see in motion when we’re contracting the muscle. We’re raising eyebrows, frowning, and smiling—those wrinkles occur in action. Botox is for dynamic wrinkles, and it should relax those lines perfectly. 

Static lines are lines that you have at rest. If you have those and are just starting your Botox journey, we will be able to diminish those. Some wrinkles are deep enough and won’t come out completely. In which case, we might have to use other methods, like lasers. If you have wrinkles that won’t come out with Botox, don’t worry, we have different ways! 

So, Botox may not take away all wrinkles, yet it will take away a lot.

If you’re wondering what type of treatment will work best for your skin, schedule a complimentary consultation today!  


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