The Divine Secret Plan Part One

Here at Divine Boutique MedSpa, we have a Divine Secret Plan exclusively for you. Today, I’ll share our customizable approach to full face rejuvenation with a combination of a several services that we offer.

Whether it be Botox, filler, Sculptra or the many other treatments we offer, the Divine Secret will give you a complete full-face rejuvenation. Through the aging process, we see several different changes. We’ve talked about this in past videos where I’ve educated you about the changes to the skin, the fat, the muscle and all the way down to the bone. We’re experiencing changes in all four layers.

When we approach the face with the goal to rejuvenate the face, we need to address all those layers.

First, what we start to see is deflation to the cheeks, which causes a nasal labial fold (smile lines). We also notice the corners of the mouth come down and the jowls start to form. It can make us feel like our face is falling.  We also notice surface texture problems, and wrinkles which can be helped with Botox and skincare. When we feel like our face is falling, we may look tired or we may even look angry even when we’re not. We could even feel like we look less attractive. And, of course, all of us want to look and feel beautiful and attractive every day. There’s lots of things going on that will generate these feelings within us from the aging process.

We don’t want you to feel that way. I don’t want to feel that way.

I have used these treatments as well to look my best, so when you come in, I completely understand what you’re seeing in the mirror and what you want to change.

I’ve seen 15,000+ patients over 15 years who struggle with the way they are aging and have helped them feel more confident and beautiful. And, we want you to radiate this beauty from inside out.

When you go through life during the day, we want you to have major confidence in what you’re doing! We want you to feel really good when you wake up and look in the mirror! Our Divine Secret Plan will help you to get back to the best version of yourself. In the next video, I’ll show you some transformations on real patients and what we’ve done for them!

In the meantime, if you’re ready to start to see a transformation in your own skin, call our office today and schedule a free consultation!

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