End of Summer Specials

The end of the summer is coming, along with it, our Summer specials are coming to an end!

Until August 31, you can take advantage of these popular Summer packages before they expire: 

  1. Summer Shine Facial includes a relaxing facial, MicroPeel, and a Dermaplane. And, of course, a hydrating mask at the end. Heather is amazing at these! If you’re looking for a relaxing massage and cleaning of your face to get that nice glow, this is a quick, easy way to do it! The package is $150.

  2. The Summer Peel Package features our favorite line, SkinBetter. Three SkinBetter peels are amazing to do during the summer. These peels have no downtime, no irritation. The only requirement is to wear sunscreen during the day to protect your skin, but you should be doing that anyway. You can get these three peels done every one every four weeks. It will take about three months to get through the peels, and your skin will be glowing by the end of it.

    You also get one of our favorite top-selling products from SkinBetter, which is your choice of an AlphaRet Cream. We offer three to choose from, depending on your skin type. SkinBetter’s AlphaRet Cream has changed and rocked my world. I’ve personally used it for about six months, and it’s the only retinoid that I’ve been able to tolerate with no irritation. 

In the last six months, my skin has completely transformed—I cannot go to bed without it. I’m obsessed with it and will never go without it. 

Take advantage of that package, and your skin will thank you! You’ll be glowing in the fall, ready for those holiday parties! 

You can purchase both of these packages on our website here or here, call our office, or schedule your session at the office.

These specials only last until August 31, so take advantage of these specials today! 

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