Love the Skin You’re In Series, Part 1

You deserve to love the skin you’re in! 

Every time you look in the mirror, the first thing you see is your skin. The reflection you see starring back at you either gives or steals your confidence. We often look at the external and think it’s the most important. Yet, the internal plays an equal role in whether or not you love the skin you’re in. 

One of the internal elements of our skin relies on is collagenMost people don’t realize we actually start losing collagen at the age of 20 and we continue to lose about 1% per year, which is significant!

Think about it this way: that means when mine or Kaylee’s patients come for a consultation in their 40s or 50s, and they’ve lost between 20 to 30% of collagen!

That’s a significant amount.

We often talk with our patients to discuss what we can do to stimulate collagen. After all, collagen is super important to keep your skin very young, healthy, and strong.

Collagen is to your skin what working out at the gym is for your body. If you miss going to the gym, your muscles become smaller and weak. The same is true for our skin, if we don’t condition it, it won’t be long until it’s very weak—the opposite of  strong and healthy. Without collagen, we’re not going to like our results. 

Another way to protect your skin is by preventing environmental damage—think UVA and UVB rays!. Often, patients over the age of 40 didn’t talk about the suns damage on our skin. We must protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays, as well as other environmental factors such as, pollutants and other toxins spreading around us.

Often it’s not just one day in the sun. Without protection your skin begins to slowly show signs of damage slowly over time. The good news is we can treat sun damage with laser treatments like IPL which removes that surface damage. 

Another way we work on the internal condition of the skin is to treat acne or other skin problems. We often opt for micro needling to stimulates collagen and helps break up scar tissue.

Skin damage happens over the span of our lifetime. Yet, you don’t have to live with damaged skin—many challenges can be reversed! Aging isn’t just at the surface of your skin, it’s actually four layers deep: 

  1. The Skin
  2. The Layer Underneath the Skin with Compartments of Fat
  3. Muscle
  4. Bone

As we age, those four layers are changing and causing new challenges we may not like to see when we look in the mirror—you just don’t look like yourself anymore. In our next video, we’ll talk more about the other layers and how they help you love the skin you’re in! 

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