Men’s Skincare Part 2

Welcome to Part Two of our series on Men’s Skincare. We’re talking all about men! 

In the first video, we discussed some of their skin issues. They want to keep things simple, how they age, and what we need to do differently for men versus women in our treatments with injectables. And that’s what we’re to cover. 

We always recommend the first thing a man should do for his skin is start a skincare regimen. I preach this for you guys—as well as women. Although most men avoid a skincare regimen, it doesn’t have to be complicated! It can be simple—like only two products, three at the most. 

Men, when you come into Divine, you can rest assured you’ll leave with a simple three-step routine that will leave you feeling great about your skin.

For women who need to create a routine for their husbands or significant other, we can help you determine the needs for his skin. 

A man’s skincare routine should include antioxidants. We need vitamin C on this on the skin in the morning, along with SPF to protect the skin. If we can talk them into one more step, using a retinoid acid at night is best.

It’s really that easy! 

Most men who come in for treatments discuss diminishing some wrinkles. Of course, we will use Botox. We don’t believe in taking all their movement out. That’s the difference between men and women. Women can get by eliminating a lot of movement to the face but still having some expression to eliminate the wrinkles. With guys, I think that they want to keep some movement. 

They want us to leave some wrinkles to maintain their distinguished look, which is a rugged, handsome look. To achieve that, we don’t overpower the face with Botox. So they feel more youthful without looking like they’ve had a lot of treatments. They still have some movement in lines, distinguishing them for their age.

For filler, as discussed in the last video, men age differently. Men start with really square faces, yet you get more feminine-looking as you age. We have ways with filler to restore that shape of the face so you feel like you look squared off, strong, and handsome. We typically put filler lower part of the face and on the cheek, not high like a woman, and then really define that jawline and the chin. 

You may also notice that the chin starts to disappear as you age. I think that’s why some guys will start to grow a beard, to give them that more square look and define their face with their facial hair. But we can certainly do that with fillers too!  

You don’t have to be afraid of Botox and Fillers. It can look very well done and very handsome looking. 

Call to book your consultation, and we will walk you through a custom process that will leave you feeling great! Some of our women patients bring their men to their appointments so we can give a quick consultation. Feel free to come together!

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