Men’s Skincare Part 3

We have a special guest with us in our latest video!

Danny is our videographer, the wonderful man responsible for all these beautiful videos! During one of our recording sessions, it came up that he didn’t have a skincare routine. So, we gave him suggested products to start using!

We recommended a SPF, a moisturizer, a vitamin C and a retinoid acid (Vitamin A), what we refer to as the core four!

My first question for Danny is: do you feel it wasn’t too many steps?

He responded, “It was nice to know I was washing my face and getting it clean. After about the third or fourth day, the retinoid was super intense, and my skin was definitely feeling it. But, it was nice to know I was keeping my skin healthy. As a guy, I like to be in and out of the shower. So it did add some shower time and some bathroom time. But overall, it was nice to have the peace of mind to know that I was taking care of my skin.”

I reminded Danny and everyone who is trying a retinoid that sometimes the reaction you experience is years of neglect. Your skin is waking up and needs to get acclimated to the process of being stimulated and healthy.

I also asked Danny, does it changed how he feels about his skin? Or, how you look to other people?

Danny said, “I mean, those at Divine noticed because that’s what you stare at all day. I would say that I can’t think of anyone noticing outside of that. However, after the retinoid burning wore off, I saw that my skin seemed smoother. It just seemed to be healthier and more moisturized. The moisturizer is what I like the best. I used it on my face and my bald head. I could tell the difference as I used it! For me, the peace of mind of knowing that I was taking care of my skin was the big takeaway.”

Other men have experienced that, too. I’ve put this routine together for my father. He noticed how great my mom looked from all her treatments at Divine. He asked, “what can you do for me?” I told him our first step is to start with healthy skin. Healthy skin makes the most significant difference. For you guys listening, it’s a great way to start! We can start slow and then work our way into procedures. For the women listening, if you’re looking at your men thinking they could probably do something and what would that be, we can certainly help you.

Danny added, “I think in the long run, it’ll pay off. As I’m getting older, I looked at my forehead and noticed deeper wrinkles sticking around. As you mentioned in the other video, I don’t want a perfectly flat face. I just want to look good for my age—aging gracefully. Also, the big part of my success is the SPF. I undervalued the importance of SPF. One of my biggest takeaways is that if I don’t do all the steps everyday, I at least now put on the SPF. I’m keeping my skin safe because I’m not trying to have skin cancer.”

At Divine, we’re here to help! Call our office to arrange a consultation. Or if you’re in the office with questions, let us know, and we will send you home with products that the man in your life will love.

(Plus, if you need a videographer, we recommend Danny and his team!)

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