Men’s Skincare Part 1

Today is part one of our series on men! So, if you’re a guy listening: welcome! This one is for you! 

If you’re one of our female patients, we get loads of questions like, “what can my husband or boyfriend be doing for his skin?” Today, we’ll help you know how to help him look great!

One of the big problems men face is they do not like complicated skincare routines. They want it simple, or they will not do it! 

Men want to look handsome and for others to comment on how great they look for their age! 

Men age very differently than women. As the aging process occurs, the facial shape changes for women. Women’s facial shape shifts from a V-shaped face to a square, making us look a little more masculine. The opposite happens for men. Their face starts out square with great angles and sharp edges. As they age, their shape becomes a little bit more feminine looking. 

When we do our treatments, we’re very mindful of this. That’s why when we treat them with Botox or filler, we treat them very differently from women’s treatments. 

So the two things we like to keep in mind for men: 

  1. We recommend a very simple routine for men with their skincare. They only need a few products. These are the products I recommended my Dad use as well. He feels great! It can be very simple. 
  2. Reassure the man in your life that when he comes in for treatments, we treat him very differently than women! They are going to look very natural, handsome, and masculine!

Stay tuned for the second video. We will discuss the solutions for the common problems men face as they age!

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