The Divine Secret Plan Part Two

In our current series, I am talking about the Divine Secret, our customizable approach to full-face rejuvenation. In the first video, I talked about the problem of the aging face, what it causes, and some emotions tied to the aging process. 

Today I will be going through two patients who went through the Divine Secret journey. 

For the first patient in the video, I used six filler syringes and some Botox to the forehead, frown and crow’s feet. Those are the most common areas I treat with Botox. In the lower half of the face, she started noticing some deflation in the cheeks, nasal labial folds (smile lines) and the start of jowl formation. With a custom approach, I placed filler in those areas and we were able to see an amazing transformation. Then, I also added a smidge to her lips, which gave her a good balance to her face. As you can see, she looks more awake, refreshed, rejuvenated, and less tired in the eyes. Her eyes look so much brighter when I look at this before and after which will give her confidence a boost instantly! 

Take note that six syringes may sound a lot to you, but it’s not. For perspective, every five syringes of filler is only a teaspoon of product. When I strategically place that throughout the entire face, you’ll have a natural and refreshed look. 

This second transformation is amazing! I feature her a lot because her transformation came from tiny tweaks that created a significant change. Again, I focused on Botox in the upper part of the face to the frown, forehead and crows feet area. You can see smoothness in her forehead lines; her eyes are refreshed and opened up, and she doesn’t look tired in her after picture. 

She does have a little bit of a rounder face naturally. So, I had to be very careful where I placed volume. I wanted to restore her oval shape face, which I did by strategically putting some volume into the lateral cheek and pyriform, which also gives you some support to your lips and your nose. Those two features rest on this bone structure, which sometimes needs some support. I also treated the pre-jowl sulcus, which means I added filler right in front of the jowl to disguise its appearance. 

The biggest change to note is her lips—her lips significantly changed! Adding volume to her lips works for her because now they are balanced and proportional to her face. When I do lips, an evaluation on what your face can handle is assessed, and her face could handle a bigger lip. She looks more youthful, and she’s ecstatic with her results! 

She feels like she looks natural and younger, like the best version of herself. That’s the goal for every patient!

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