The Key to a Youthful Lower Face, Part 2

In this video, we will discuss solutions to the aging jaw. We’re pleased to announce a new filler launching Nationwide in mid-January. However, we’re fortunate to have early access to our  Divine patients. It’s a game-changer for the jawline so if you’ve thought about a treatment for your jawline now is the time to schedule your appointment! 

I hear from many patients the women say they want a defined jawline, and the men ask for a chiseled jawline. Either way, we’re avoiding the jowl, aging look. 

The jawline is one of the first places we start to show our age. If you are in your 40s and are beginning to see the start of a jowl formation, the good news is there are things we can do!

This new filler, Volux, can help. If you look at the chin and the jowls start to form, we want to look at the chin projection. The jowls will look worse if the chin recesses backward when the pre-jowl sulcus gets deflated and sunken. 

We solve this by first putting filler before the jowl, working our way to the chin, and potentially doing some augmentation to the chin with Voluma. These two products go very well together, as you are already familiar with Voluma. We will project the chin forward and give you a more straight line.

If you are in your 50s, you may also see your lost bone shape in the back of your jawline. The bone is not as “L-shaped” as before and grows broader and less defined. We no longer have a firm definition back in this area. We can use Volux to restore the angle for a strong jawline.

We are mindful of this product for women because we do not want to look too masculine or wide. Women still want to keep and maintain an oval-shaped face, meaning the mid-face projection should be wider.

Younger men have a more square-shaped jawline. As they age, they tend to get more narrow, giving them a less masculine look. This filler is going to be great for men as well. We will be more aggressive with men to help them maintain angular, male-looking, and square. We will be able to use this product to widen cheeks, so the angle of the jaws should be completely parallel to each other. For men looking for an aesthetic treatment, Volux will also be perfect for you. 

In Part 3, we’ll show you before and after photos, so you can see the transformation for yourself! 

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