The Key to a Youthful Lower Face, Part 3

We are wrapping up our series on aging in the lower half of the face in this video. 

Let’s talk about the newest release in the United States from the JUVÉDERM® family, VOLUX™. This unique filler is different from any other filler on the market. 

VOLUX™ is exciting because no other hyaluronic acid filler product can do what VOLUX™ does with the jawline for both men and women. Whether you are a man desiring a chiseled jawline or a woman seeking definition, this product can give you those results. In this video, I’ll share the photos I brought back when learning about the product in Las Vegas.

What makes this product so different? VOLUX™ is more cohesive with a higher G prime than even Voluma (FDA-approved product for cheeks and chin) allowing to build even better structure on the jawline. When you come in for a consultation, we will discuss if you are a good candidate for this procedure or if there is a better solution. For example, if the jowl formation is pretty advanced, we may also use KYBELLA® to diminish the fat pad first and then use Volux to build structure support.

In addition, our Morpheus 8 is a skin-tightening procedure, and you may be at the point where we need to consider all three options. 

However, if you are someone in your 30s or early 40s starting to see signs of aging, this filler alone might be perfect for you. As we begin losing shape in the jaw, adding a little volume with VOLUX™ will be a game changer. Prevention is key. 

Call today to schedule a consultation, and we will design and recommend a plan that’s right for you!

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