The Key to a Youthful Lower Face, Part 4

We’re in the final video in this series on the lower face and what you can do when you notice the first signs of aging.  

We have talked a lot about VOLUXTM, which is our brand-new FDA-approved filler from Allergan Aesthetics. In this video, I want to give you more information and feedback. Since I have been injecting this product, it has quickly become one of my favorite fillers. It’s very impressive for the jawline!

The best way to show you this filler’s impact is to see the before and after transformations for yourself!

Our first one is a woman who already had some volume replacement in her mid-face. Now, we were working on the lower half of the face. As you can see in the video, she has a more defined jawline, and her chin is more projected with better definition as well.

As we age, the chin will recess back. After VOLUXTM, she has a nice structure restored to the lower half of her face, which gives her a more youthful look. Even better, she is pleased with her results!

Next up in the video, we’ll show a man’s before and after. As we’ve discussed, this product isn’t just for women, and the men will love their results as well.

You can see that VOLUX delivered a very masculine look, like what he had when he was in his 20s and 30s. Men all start out very square and become more oval-shaped, which is a little bit more feminine looking, as they age. When we restore the facial shape back to that nice square jawline for men, they look a lot more youthful and masculine. This patient is also pleased with his results!

I’m so impressed with this product, and I know you’re going to love it!  

If you’d like to experience results like these, schedule a complimentary consultation if you’re a new patient. If you’re an existing patient, we can talk about VOLUXTM on your next visit!

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