What Makes a Face Beautiful Part 3

Today is the final video in our “What Makes a Face Beautiful” Series!

In today’s discussion, we continue to dive into measuring beauty and understanding what makes a face look beautiful. Parts I and II discussed proportions and how a perfectly symmetrical face is not always the answer. We took Dr. Arthur Swift’s measuring tool and used it as a guide to measuring our model’s (Summer) face. 

Today, let’s discuss what procedures we can do to fix specific aging facial proportions. Botox and fillers can aid ever-changing faces as we age. There are many factors to consider —our face shape, loss of fat, and changes to the muscles and skin.

When looking at Summer, we start by focusing on the upper portion of the face by lifting the eyebrow towards the forehead. Not only does this give a refreshed, well-slept look, but it also shortens the forehead’s height, which provides good proportion and balance. 

As we work our way down her face, it is essential to know that temples should be flat or slightly hollowed–but not too much! The goal for our temples is to see a light reflection from the forehead down to the cheeks in a C-shape so there is no disruption to light or heavy shadows in this area. On the other hand for men, temples can be more convex (or bulging) than women’s.

Moving further down, we assess the cheeks. For women, we want to see soft, gentle and natural curves. In contrast, men want to look masculine and strong, so we want sharp angles for them instead. The measuring tool we used in Part II and now in Part III helps show us that Summer needs a bit of filler in her cheeks when measuring her width but not too much. So, we can use this tool to prevent overfilling as well and give her the perfect amount. We want to ensure we have the correct proportions for a natural look.  These are just some examples of how to utilize this tool. We hope you enjoyed our series. 

If you have any questions, we offer complimentary consultations. We will measure your face and discuss a personalized treatment plan. Once you know your options, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to move forward. We want you to feel confident in the decisions you’re making for your face and are always here to help achieve your most natural aesthetic outcomes! 

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