What Makes a Face Beautiful Part 1

This month we’re talking about beauty, specifically what makes a face beautiful. 

One of the biggest complaints I hear from patients is that their face is not symmetrical. They look in the mirror and notice that one side is different than the other. 

Somewhere along the line people think symmetry is what they need to be considered beautiful. In fact, that’s not true at all. 

There is an app on your phone that allows you to see your face if it could be perfectly symmetrical. The app shows you a mirror image of what two right sides of the face OR two left sides of the face would look like. 

I guarantee you, you won’t like it at all. I’ve done it before… It’s not pretty.

When there is a major difference in symmetry, it’s nice to correct the irregularities as much as we can. The reality is we can never make one side of the face look exactly like the other—nor would you want that!

What is attractive is when the proportions of the face are in harmony. We want the features to be in balance with each other, but during the aging process we start to lose that balance. When we are younger and everything is in proportion, the face looks very youthful, feminine, and beautiful!

As we go through that aging process, the proportions of the face begin to change. Treatments like Botox and fillers can help restore the shape of the face to the same proportions and balance of our younger “youthful” features.

We use a facial measurement tool called calipers in order to measure the proportions of the face. I love doing this for my patients because EVERYBODY’S measurements are unique and different. There is something comforting about knowing that your specific measurements are used to customize your individualized treatment plan—where we currently are and what can improve with proportions. In the following video, I’ll show you how we use calipers on a beautiful model, and you’ll see what it’s all about!

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