Winter Face Care Part Two

Welcome to part two of our winter procedure video series! 

Today, we’re talking all about laser hair removal. 

You want to save laser hair removal for times when you can stay out of the sun. We do not want the skin to be tan because the laser can target specific hairs more efficiently when the skin is lighter so you will get a better treatment during the winter months. 

We can do laser hair removal on all areas. Men and women both love this procedure. While men like to focus on their backs, women primarily focus on their underarms, bikini area, and legs. Another reason we advise getting your treatment done during the winter is by summer you’re ready! That means no shaving, so you can avoid all those razor bumps and irritation. I have had the treatment done on my underarms and legs, so I no longer have to shave! 

We can even do some facial hair for men if they prefer. 

Currently, and for a limited time, we offer 10% off during January. If you missed our holiday special, there is still a way to save on this procedure.

Schedule your complimentary consultation today! Let us know if you have questions about laser hair removal. Heather can set up a meeting to discuss if this treatment is right for you!

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